Saturday, September 30 at 10 AM – 12 PM
Casa del Mar Beach Resort Aruba

Propel Women Conversation Series Chapter called
Personal Leadership for WOMEN.


How to develop balance in life
How to make confident decisions
How to have a healthy mindset
How to develop a full prayer life
How to practice self care
How to communicate with others effectively

Whether you are a college student, a stay home mom, leading in the marketplace, the ministry, or your community we want to start the conversation and help guide you as you lead in your sphere of influence.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity that will propel you and those around you into your God given Passion, Purpose & Potential!

For Registration: Contact Gerella Roberts-Vrolijk at 745-4972.
Including: Propel Women Workbook, Introduction Video of Christine Caine & Light snack
Price: Awg 75,- (6 Session

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