Everything is already in place at Café the Plaza in the Renaissance Mall for its end-of-the-month feast, which will be served up by chef Urbine Donata. He has chosen a Latin American Tapas Night for his first showcase, and the menu reads like an incredible journey through the intriguing countries of Central and South America.


For Saturday, April 29 from 5pm-11pm Mr. Donata has chosen two appetizers: a Colombian Sancocho, a traditional oxtail soup, and a Peruvian Ceviche, which is grouper, cured in lemon juice and served with sweet potatoes and cancha. For the first main event he selected a traditional Cuban Ropa Vieja, a beef stew with white rice and black beans and a Venezuelen Arepa Reina Pepiada, griddled and baked cornmeal patties, stuffed with chicken and avocado.

The second main event is an Argentinian and Brazilian Churrasco, a mix of grilled pork sausage, grilled tenderloin and spare ribs, served with corn, potatoes and with a chimichurri sauce and a vinaigrette of tomatoes and peppers. The tapas will be served on small burners on the tables, creating a special, festive atmosphere.

Dessert is of course Tres Leches, a Latin American traditional cake with Dulce de Guayaba and white cheese. After that you will surely burst out in Spanish songs and dance the night away!

As seating is limited for this special event, Café the Plaza recommends making reservations beforehand (5838826). And keep in mind that chef Urbine will take you around the world for a descent in a culinary heaven every last Saturday of the month. Enjoy!

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