TIME 8:30- 930

Connect with the earth as you move with the ocean, letting the bright light of the full moon shine into your heart. Just like the ocean tides the full moon influences our own rhythms, enhancing whatever we are strongly feeling at the time. Through yoga we can tap into this potent lunar energy to restore balance between feeling grounded yet expansive, dreamy yet called to action. It’s a powerful time to set your intentions and move mindfully! Join our sacred community for an evening of grace and inner peace.

Find us at Arashi Beach – look for candle & torch lights and a sacred gathering of people. Please bring a towel or blanket and any crystals or gems along with a notebook and pen to set your intentions for the coming moon cycle.

Teacher: Brittany Mae Waterhouse

Fee: 20 USD
Local residents of Aruba are eligible for a discount of 20 AWG. Please don’t forget your valid locally issued ID or AZV card.

In the case that you are not able to sign up & pay ahead of time, we kindly remind you that only exact cash is accepte

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