Plan Detail

Long Term

This plan is for businesses that have a continuous/daily service for its clients. In order to use this plan your business has to have a minimal of 4 promotions/activity/special a month.

With this membership plan, you will pay a monthly fee which has a duration of 1 month. Clients are able to post as much as advertisement they want in the month but can only post 2 different advertisements at the time and can add/edit/change advertising (posting) 24/7.

The plan starts from the day you have purchased the plan and end automatically after 1 calendar month.

The monthly fee is $150 ex. tax for 1 month.

This plan includes 3 free GMC (get more customer service). These GMC cannot be accumulated. If they have not been used by the time your plan expires, even the ones you have purchased , you will loose them.

GET MORE CUSTOMER is a service has for their clients when they want to post an advertisement and reach more people (pay extra to reach a larger audience for your post). By using this feature, only users who are following your business or the (sub)categories will receive a notification. A client can purchase more GMC if they want, this will cost $25 each.

It’s not allowed to post the same advertisement at the same time.

For more information check our Terms and conditions