Plan Detail

Single Term

This plan is specially designed for promoters, businesses, and merchants who wants to advertise their single time activities. Single time activities are activities, such as specials, promotions, event, and deals that occasionally take place. If you are a merchant or promoter and do not have a daily activity or less then 4 special/promotion a month, is this plan for you.

An advertiser can purchase this plan and has 3 weeks total to advertise their activity. The plan will start from the day you have purchase the plan and will automatically be deleted at the end date and time of the activity or after 3 weeks( 21 days)

With this plan, you can only upload 1 advertisement, only description can be edit after submitting an advertising. Using this plan means you’re promoting one activity; you are not allowed to promote several activities in one post. Advertisement fee is $100 ex tax. for 3 weeks.

With this plan, the client will NOT receive any GMC (Get More Customer) service. A client will have to purchase the GMC once they submit an advertisement.

GET MORE CUSTOMER is a service offers the client to reach more people when posting an advertisement. (reach a larger audience to see your post). By using this feature only users who are following your business or following (sub)categorie will receive a notification. These GMC services cannot be accumulated. If they have not been used before the plan has expired, even if you have purchased them yourself, you will loose them.

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